Never stress about getting clipped again

When you become a Clipped Assist Member, you receive discounted rates, a fixed $50 charge for repairs & more.

“Before Clipped I was paying crazy amounts to repair little scratches and dents. Not anymore, now my car is spotless all the time and at an affordable price.”



Get the peace of mind of Clipped Assist from just

$19.00 per month

Gold Package

From $19.00 per month

  • Discounted rates on larger repairs
  • Fixed $50 charge repairs that within criteria
  • Deep scratches up to 60mm
  • Surface marks and scratches
  • Pressure dents (up to 60mm)
  • Alloy wheel scuffs
  • Mirror scrapes
  • Stone chips (up to 20)
  • Bumper scrapes (up to 500mm)
  • Plastic kit scuffs (500mm)