Terms and Conditions

Section 1

  1. Membership Service
    • Clipped Assist Scratch and Dent Assist provides tailored service to each member in respect to their chosen Membership.

The service package asks that members meet the requirements as outlined in the agreements.

  • The Member-designated vehicle linked to the Membership will be eligible for all the subsequently illustrated services in addition to the Occupation and Household service package defined in part two of this document.

1.2.1. Members enjoy prioritized service providing timely convenience in avoidance of any time wasted or complications created by the regular ventures to the average repair company;

1.2.2.  Authorized to use the Members-only Clipped Assist’s expedited repair demand pathways:

(a)           Through the Clipped Assist website www.clippedassist.com.au members’ page;

(b)          Through applications lodged to the exclusive Clipped Assist mobile service;


1.2.3 Membership encompasses to the door service (within the business area) from the Clipped Assist authorized technician accompanied by a thoroughly equipped vehicle for repair assessment and, if approved, for execution of Slight Cosmetic Repairs;


1.2.4 Access to Unlimited claims for Repair Assessments for Slight Cosmetic Repair;


1.2.5 Access to Unlimited claims for Slight Cosmetic Repair executed under member’s approval of Repair Assessment;


1.2.6 Clipped Assist issues a warranty for any repairment executed as the extra assurance beyond the rights under the Australian Consumer Law;


1.2.7 Assessment and evaluation service free of charge in respect to repairs that are not limited to Slight Cosmetic Repairs;


1.2.8 Overall recommendations and guidance for car use can be found on the Clipped Assist web page in consideration for the appearance and quality of Member-designated vehicles.


1.2.9 More Membership Services are update once in a while including but not limited to sales in third party products as will be outlined on the Clipped Assist web page.


  1. Other Occupational and Household Services

Once applied for by the member, Clipped Assist will in their judgement issue an assessment for other repairments to be executed on vehicles belonging to the member or relevant family members that are not the Member-designated vehicle and not encompassed in the Membership. As the service is in place as part of the Membership Services available for the Member-designated vehicle, claims made will be recorded in the title of “Household services” while these conditions exist:

Program Schedule as “Family Benefits” and the following will apply:


2.1 Any work will not be executed until the first quote issued by Clipped Assist is approved by you and your family member, who are not under any responsibility to approve.


2.2 After the initial quote is issued by Clipped Assist and approved of by you and your family member, work will be executed in accordance with the Contract of Repair. Under the contract of repair, you are liable to pay the repairment fees for the service contract draft in alignment to the quote of repair.


2.3 When quotes are issued by Clipped Assist, it is reasonable to assume that the quote is estimated on the discounted rates for members in contrast to the rates given to non-members at Clipped Assist.


  1. Nature of Membership Agreement

3.1 Clipped Assist is obligated to members in setting in place Membership Services, while any request for Clipped Assist repair services should be done pursuant the steps as outlined in Section Two “Repairment Services”.


3.2 Clipped Assist has no obligation as subject to the Membership agreements to indemnify you or others from or reimburse you for any impairment or loss to the vehicle as a result of any circumstance or to repair or redress any impairments.


3.3 This Membership Agreement does not supplant your normal motor vehicle insurance policy and is not fit for intents of handling the financial liability in relation to potential impairments upon your Vehicle or any pecuniary losses.


3.4 The Membership Agreement does not bestow upon or grant to you any authorities of a shareholder or member of the Clipped Assist company or association.


  1. At the commencement of your membership

4.1 The membership commences upon the date outlined in the membership agreement under the conditions as outlined:

4.1.1. Receipt for the payment of the Membership Fees

4.1.2. correct details provided in regards to you and your vehicle as required to lodge applications for the Member-designated vehicle;

4.1.3. All rights are reserved by Clipped Assist to refuse any applications from vehicles without providing reasons for the decision.

4.1.4. Membership Fees will be returned without being reduced if a vehicle has been rejected, while registration will not be completed nor any Membership Services.


  1. Fees for the Membership

5.1. Membership Fees are to be payed while you lodge your application for the particular Membership Plan.

5.2. Approved vehicles as Member-designated vehicles for the particular Membership Plan must be go through first stage qualifying if required for the Membership Plan.


 If your vehicle must complete first stage qualifying:

5.2.1. There may be an examination of your vehicle as issued by Clipped Assist by authorized inspectors to determine its circumstances;

5.2.2. The authorized inspector’s judgment informing Clipped Assist’s decision on the vehicle of application as the Member-designated vehicle is ultimate;


5.2.3. Membership Fee will be refunded if your vehicle is not approved by the specific Membership Plan.


  1. Renewing the Membership

6.1. The Platinum Plan is not available for renewal. However, an additional membership can be purchased for the Member-designated vehicle through the dealer responsible for the original Membership purchase. The time beyond the existing period of Membership is given under the judgement of dealer with the then-updated rates, and requires acceptance by Clipped Assist (which may include first stage qualifying performed on the Member-designated vehicle). Memberships purchased before the current membership expires will not be subject to Waiting Periods. If not, a Waiting Period will apply to the newly purchased membership.


  • If the Clipped Assist Gold Membership Plans are held as an Annual Membership for your Member-designated vehicle, they are renewed automatically for an additional period of twelve months under the conditions as outlined:


6.2.1. The Membership Fee invoice in respect to the new period will be sent to you while the costs will be charged to your select card

Membership Fee prior to the End Date;

6.2.2. The Membership Plan will discontinue if your card fails to complete the payment without further warning.

The Member-designated vehicle shall not be eligible for any further service under any Membership Plan;

6.2.3. If you decide against renewal of your Membership Plan, this can be completed with a thirty-day written notice prior to your cancellation, subject to clarification that there are no outstanding payments in respect to Clipped Assist repairment fees under your account. Furthermore, refund of any kind will not be possible for membership fees that have already been paid in regards to your membership


  • If the Clipped Assist Gold Membership Plans are held as a Monthly Membership for your Member-designated vehicle, it is renewed automatically for an additional period of one month under the conditions as outlined:


6.3.1. The Membership Fee invoice in respect to the new period will be sent to you while the costs will be charged to your select card

Membership Fee prior to the End Date;

6.3.2. The Membership Plan will discontinue if your card fails to complete the payment without further warning.

The Member-designated vehicle shall not be eligible for any further service under any Membership Plan;

6.3.3. If you decide against renewal of your Membership Plan, this can be completed with a thirty-day written notice prior to your cancellation, subject to clarification that there are no outstanding payments in respect to Clipped Assist repairment fees under your account. Furthermore, refund of any kind will not be possible for membership fees that have already been paid in regards to your membership



  • The Membership Plan discontinued due to failed payments by the card, is restorable by Clipped Assist as long as there are no more than four (4) weeks between the restoring and end date. At Clipped Assist’s judgment, it shall require additional first stage qualifying for the Member-designated vehicle for the restoring or renewal of the Membership Plan. Repairs under the new Membership will be subject to waiting periods while membership fees are to be paid at the then-updated pricing rates.


  • Notwithstanding the preceding, Automatic renewal may be refused by Clipped Assist at its own judgement of the circumstance, such as the service being discontinued. You will be notified initially and be introduced to other plans accessible at Clipped Assist before the expiry of your membership.


  1. Membership Conditions

7.1. The following conditions apply to your Membership in order to preserve the high quality of Clipped Assist ’s cosmetic repair services and Clipped Assist ’s reputation and standing for delivering high quality cosmetic repairs:

To ensure the quality of Clipped Assist cosmetic repair services as well as Clipped Assist’s name and recognition as a high standard cosmetic repair company, your membership is subject to the proceeding:

7.1.1. Applications lodged for the Clipped Assist Gold Plan are required to be nominating Member-designated vehicles to have no more than four months between the application date and its date of registration, or is accepted by Clipped Assist Approved Personnel as in good standing. For both circumstances, the Member-designated vehicle shall not have suffered an impairment before the start of this membership agreement.

7.1.2. Applications lodged for the Clipped Assist Platinum Plan are required to be nominating Member-designated vehicles that are either new, or was purchased by Clipped Assist Approved Dealer while no more than seven (7) year shall have lapsed between since the original date of registration. The Member-designated vehicle shall not have suffered an impairment before the start of this membership agreement.

7.2. You agree that information provided in regards to yourself and your vehicle to any Approved Personnel is complete and correct to satisfy requirements for the entrance of the Clipped Assist.

Sales Portal for the acceptance of your Vehicle into a Membership Program.

Purchase Procedures for the authorization of your vehicle as part of the Membership Plan.

7.3. Any information in regards to your vehicle or yourself once proven to be or being on reasonable grounds of doubt to be incomplete or incorrect Clipped Assist shall do the following:

7.3.1. Terminate the membership agree, indicating the end to all Clipped Assist duties under the agreement; and

7.3.2. Not enter into any Repair Contracts or issue any Repair Quotes.

  1. Verifications Agreements

By supplying any information or materials to register your Nominated Vehicle for a Membership Program you confirm that you have read understood and agreed to all provisions in this booklet, including Part 1 (Clipped Assist Scratch and Dent Assist Membership Agreement), Part 2 (Repair Services), Part 3 (General Terms) and Part 4 (Glossary of Terms).

In providing the materials and details relevant to the application of a vehicle as the Member-designated vehicle for a Membership Plan, you have verified that you have read and understood and consented to all provisions in this agreement, including Section One (Clipped Assist Scratch and Dent Service membership agreement), Section Two (Services for Repair), Section Three (Overall Conditions) and Section Four (Glossary of Terms).

  1. Membership Transfer

9.1. Replacing of Vehicle: Once a member replaces their Member-designated vehicle, Clipped Assist shall retain the right of judgement in transferring the services of the Membership Plan to the next Member-designated vehicle, under the conditions that the replaced Member-designated vehicle is not older that the former. First step qualifying will apply to the newly registered vehicle. No more than one transfer of Membership is allowed by Clipped Assist.


  • Ownership Transferral: Memberships are issued to each person and cannot be subject to transferral. The Member-designated vehicle is only part of the Clipped Assist membership so long as the owner remains you as registered. Selling or transferring of the vehicle equates the termination of services of the membership. Clipped Assist shall retain the right of judgement in transferring the services of the Membership Plan to the next Member-designated vehicle, if the new owner of the Member-designated vehicle applies for the Clipped Assist Membership Plan and completes the payment of Clipped Assist transfer fees (as outlined by Clipped Assist).


  1. Privacy of Information
    • The Clipped Assist Privacy Policy and Agreement dictates the collection, usage, distribution and preservation of your personal details. You consent to our access, storage and usage of any details given by you in pursuant of the provisions outlined in the policy.
    • You agree to supply us with details in respect to your vehicle and yourself to the Approved Personnel for the purpose of registering those details in the Clipped Assist System to enter into the membership program you select.
    • For training and quality purposes your phone calls to Clipped Assist may be monitored and recorded.
    • You are entitled to access and correct your personal details held by Clipped Assist at your demand.


  1. Agreement Cancellation

11.1 clause 11.2 applies to you if:

11.1.1. the Platinum Plan is held by you seven (7) days beyond the Start Date;

11.1.2. In the course of the waiting period

A complete refund of the membership fees can be applied for at your cancellation once the Clipped Assist is given due notice in the form of writing before the end date of the waiting period, which marks the termination of the membership agreement when Clipped Assist has approved of the cancellation and proceeded to refund full membership fees.


11.2. Despite conditions as in 11.1, a refund of membership fees will not be possible if the membership cancellation is applied for within the course of the waiting period in which the Member-designated vehicle had already been subject to a contract of repair before the end date of the waiting period.

11.3. Application for the cancellation of any Membership Plan can be done via written notice attached with evidence of purchasing the membership (direct indication of price) via admin@clippedassist.com.au if:


11.3.1. Slight repairs executed as outlined in 2.1 of Section two is priced as increased by Clipped Assist by over half (50%) of the then present membership period;


11.3.2. Section two 2.1 outlined categories of Slight Cosmetic repairs valid during the payment date of membership fees for the then present term were subject to removal by the number of two or above, wherein no more repair styles are added; or


11.3.3. Section three of the membership agreement namely 1.1-1.2 in the terms and conditions is modified by Clipped Assist with unfair provisions that result in substantially negative effects, for example a significant deduction in the worth of the membership with the absence of any compensational services.

11.4. Applications under 11.3 can be ascertain with a fourteen (14) day period. Once confirmed, you will be responsible for Administrative Fees while Clipped Assist releases the refund of the membership as pro-rata in respect to the then present term (referring to the part of fees in correspondence to the unexpired period of the membership as computed from the day after cancellations).


  1. Cancellation of this agreement by Clipped Assist

12.1. All service and Repair Quotes supplied under the Membership Plan can be halted by Clipped Assist as long as there remains any outstanding payment from you at Clipped Assist.

  • Membership agreements with Clipped Assist can be terminated through written indication which will be valid as of the date of notice:
  • Once membership agreements are terminated by Clipped Assist, it is not longer responsible or liable for any condition outlined under the Membership Plan. Outstanding repair fees from you remain recoverable by Clipped Assist.


Section Two

  1. Repair Quote Applications
    • Repair Quotes for Member-designated vehicles are only applied for after the waiting periods for each selected Membership Plan.


  • Procedures for Repair Quote applications include photos of damages on Member-designated vehicles submitted to Clipped Assist along with membership information in respect to the Member-designated vehicle. Photos and membership information should be provided through the following pathways:


12.3.1. Mobile applications online via Clipped Assist’s website;

12.3.2. The member’s site on the online Clipped Assist web page (in compliance with the steps as follows); or

12.3.3. The National Clipped Assist number under the guidance as given by the call centre.


  1. Inspection Procedures for Clipped Assist

2.1 Slight Cosmetic Repair prices are subject to change now and then. Definitions and description of the Slight Cosmetic Repair service are subject to alteration, such as when updated technical tools and methods are introduced. Each repair must be inspected and quoted by Clipped Assist authorized technicians prior to entrance of any Repairment contracts.


2.2 Repair Quotes or services are not supplied, once a Clipped Assist authorized technician has the reason to believe that repairs no longer fall under the Slight Cosmetic Repair category or that structural issues exist for the vehicle or that any provision of the membership agreement is violated, Clipped Assist reserves all the rights to refuse repair service or quoting.


2.3 Applications for reparations will be evaluated on the virtue of regard for the members to see if Repair Quotes are providable as outlined in 2.1-2.2. Clipped Assist make ultimate decisions with complete discretion on Repair Quote application.


2.4 Repair Quotes for Slight Cosmetic Repairs are priced by Clipped Assist in respect to the then current rate and description as illustrated on the member’s site section of the Clipped Assist web page as of the date of application.


2.5 Repair Quotes apart from Slight Cosmetic Repairs are issued at Clipped Assist’s discretion. As given conditions allow, Repair Quotes are given face to face or via calls after assessments are complete by the Clipped Assist authorized technician.


2.6 Application for Slight Cosmetic Repairs and are aimed to be processed and executed by Clipped Assist within twenty-one (21) days upon receiving the application for Repair Quotes (after your approval of the issued to Repair Quote). Anyhow, the period beginning December 15th to January 15th waiting period might be longer prior to Clipped Assist’s response to your application.


2.7 A statement being part of the Clipped Assist Repair Quote shall outline the description of relevant Slight Cosmetic Repair work in need and the corresponding price in Repairment fees along with further information added by a Clipped Assist authorized technician. Repair Quotes issued by Concierge Car Was can be delivered and approved of in the spoke manner.


  1. Repair Contract

3.1 You must accept a Repair Quote and agree to pay the Repair Fee in the manner set out in clause 3.4 below for a Repair Contract to come into existence.


Repair Quotes and Fee should be consented to by you as procedurally outlined by the proceeding clause 3.4 in order for the Repair Contracts to enter into drafting.


3.2 Repair Quotes are to be first consented to with the completion of a Repair Contract before Clipped Assist becomes legally responsible to complete any repairs to any vehicle to eliminate any pre-existing uncertainty.

3.3 Repair Quotes are paired with their unique designated contracts upon each of your approval. The contracts corresponding to the quote remains separate from the membership agreement and every other contract from previous Repair Quotes.


3.4 Members must also accept the repair fee charged to the credit or debit card to complete the approval process of a Repair Quote.


  1. Repair Performance

4.1 In receipt of your consent to the Repair Quote, Appropriate Mechanic Space will be organized for the selected time as convenient to both parties in the relevant service area and service time being 8.00 to 16.00 every Monday to Friday, for performing any repair work as needed.


4.2 Slight Cosmetic Repairs can be undertaken on the same day by Clipped Assist in normal conditions where the Member-designated vehicle is available in the service area and the Appropriate Mechanic Space is accessible.


4.3 To eliminate any pre-existing uncertainty, Repair Quotes consented to with a finished Repair Contract cannot be subject to any repair work if it is not within the service area.


  1. Warranties
    • Under the Australian Consumer Law: The services outlined in clause 5.2 built upon the pre-existing powers and compensations to consumers legally in respect to repair work performed. Services under membership are assured to be liable to Australian Consumer Law. Failed service entitles you to – 1. Cancellation of service contract with Clipped Assist; and 2. Refund of membership fees in respect to the unexpired period, or remedies for decreased worth. Reasonably foreseen impairment or losses will also be remedied by Clipped Assist. Failures that are not substantive can be corrected within an appropriate time frame. If such action fails to take place, cancellation of the contract in conjunction with refunds for the unused periods of the contract is available.


  • Warranty: All workmanship of Clipped Assist is warranted as defect and fault free during which you are the owner of the Member-designated vehicle. Wrongful workmanship will be rectified if the damage was caused by faulty workmanship. Warranty claims can be requested for at clippedassist.com.au . The call centre will set out a guide for you to upload written specification of the corresponding damages with photos attached via email or self-financed post to us at help@clippedassist.com.au . Costs in respect to the procedures for warranty claims remain your responsibility. Clause 5.3 applies to the Clipped Assist Warranty.



  • Warranty Limitations for Clipped Assist: Any non-excludable rights as stated in Australian Consumer Law or any contradictory consumer protection statutory provisions applies to the warranty, while the proceeding clauses of legislation outline warranty ascertained responsibilities of Clipped Assist:


12.3.4. You consent to records both in photograph and other forms that are kept in relation to work performed to be used as reference for the confirmation of your warranty claims in relation to the Member-designated vehicle.


12.3.5. Clipped Assist ’s warranty does not cover: 

(a) faulty workmanship performed by third parties;

(b) any loss in value of the Nominated Vehicle, loss of your time, or vehicle use, or other consequential damage or loss as a result of any faulty workmanship;

(c)   any damage or deterioration in the general condition of the Nominated Vehicle as a result of normal aging or usage wear and tear or exposure to the elements; and

(d) any damage or deterioration to any particular repair that we have made which is as a result of normal aging or usage wear and tear or through exposure to the elements or as a result of further damage being sustained to the repaired section of the Nominated Vehicle.


Warranty at Clipped Assist does not include:
a) Third Party failure resulting from wrongful workmanship;

  1. b) Time, vehicle usage, worth or any other form of loss in respect to the Member-designated vehicle as consequence of any wrongful workmanship;
  2. c) Any decline or impairment in the general state of the Member-designated vehicle as consequence of usual age or daily wear and tear or by being subject to factors or as consequence of more impairment being caused to the readily repaired part of the Member-designate Vehicle.


Section Three


  1. Conditions Terms and Conditions General Amendments
    • Terms and Condition can be subject to general amendments by Clipped Assist once in a while to adjust the provisions outlined in pursuant with the conditions set out below:

1.1.1. Adjustment can be made to the scope and status of the Membership Services in respect to the relevant Membership Plan.

1.1.2. Adjustments can be done in relation to the nature, scope, details and concretization of services including repair and be relevant to the then valid prices for repair services;

1.1.3. Clipped Assist membership agreements, Repair Contracts and contracting outlines are subject to adjustment in respect to any provision involved.


1.2 Membership Services are developed at Clipped Assist with the intent to assure that adjustments made are to raise the quality and efficiency of Clipped Assist’s service or procedures, such as the extension of the plan to new services, the implementation of updated repair tools and methods, and retaining a reasonably competitive pricing in accordance with the market.


1.3 The Membership Plan in respect to the Member-designated vehicle may be subject to change under notice of adjustments as updated on the Clipped Assist web page or in the form of a newly delivered agreement outlining the adjusted Terms and Conditions.


1.4 Adjustments made to the Terms and Conditions become valid seven (7) days after the notification is updated on the Clipped Assist web page.


1.5 Your consent to the Terms and Condition will be recognized at your application for repair services in respect to the Membership Plan after the date wherein notification of adjustment is updated on the Clipped Assist web page.

  1. Law, Definitions and Interpretations

2.1 Any term or expression capitalised in the Terms and Conditions are defined in section four (Glossary of Terms).

2.2 There are four sections of the Terms and Conditions. References to the clause numbers refers to each numbered clause in the same section of the Terms and Condition, until otherwise noted.

2.3 Headings used throughout this booklet are for convenience and ease of reference only and do not affect the meaning or interpretation of any provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.

For the efficiency in reference to the Terms and Conditions, headings are given to parts of the sections. They are not by any means influential to the actual interpretation of the provisions within the Terms and Conditions.

2.4 Provisions under the Terms and Conditions can be seen as independent, any unenforceable or invalidated provision may be subject to adjustment or elimination as needed for the proper functioning of the Terms and Conditions.

2.5 The Terms and Conditions function in pursuant the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of New South Wales laws. Claims made by any party against another in respect to these Terms and Conditions shall be under exclusive New South Wales court jurisdiction.

Section Four

Glossary of Terms

Administrative Fees – Unless otherwise indicated by Clipped Assist for revision, mean $25 of fee that will be charge to your account under the request of membership cancellation in respect to section two 11.3;

Annual Fee – means the fee charged for an Annual Membership;

Annual Membership – means that the Membership Plan lasts for a period of twelve (12) months;

Approved Dealer – means a registered motor car dealer authorized by Clipped Assist given the authority to enter your personal information and the Vehicle information into the Clipped Assist Sales System;

Approve Personnel – means a recognized person permitted by the Approved Dealer to act in their representation with Clipped Assist’s pre-made authorization;

Authorized Inspector – means a motor car workman or repairer designated by Clipped Assist to examine your Vehicle against the requirements for entrance into a selected Membership Plan;

End Date – mean the date to which the membership terminated;

Terms and Conditions – means this agreement constituting Section One (Clipped Assist Scratch and Dent Service membership agreement), Section Two (Services for Repair), Section Three (Overall Conditions) and Section Four (Glossary of Terms), inclusive of amendments, adjustments, addendums and alterations to this agreement or any of the sections to it that Clipped Assist should upload to the web page once in a while or in any case notify you;


GST – means taxation on goods and services, sales taxes or additional value tax directed to the sale or good and service supply and rights including but not limited to tax under the New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (C’th) and the relevant imposed Acts under the Commonwealth;

Membership – means the contractual entitlements and responsibilities between Clipped Assist and you outlined in this agreement par Section One: Clipped Assist Scratch and Dent Service Membership Agreement wherein the Membership Agreement is in reference to that agreement;

Membership Service – means the services set out in Section One (Clipped Assist Scratch and Dent Service Membership Agreement);

Membership Fee – means Membership related payments made from you to you Member-designated vehicle during the then current period, as of the initial registration for the Membership Plan and upon renewal of selected Membership Plans for additional periods;

Membership Plan – means the range of repair services including any features or benefits designated as being available for your Nominated Vehicle under any particular Membership Program subject to any rules conditions or constraints related to that Membership Program. Membership Programs (Standard) may comprise the Clipped Assist Gold, Clipped Assist Platinum or any other program developed by Clipped Assist and as varied from time to time;

means the scope of services in repair inclusive of elements or advantages entitled to the Member-designated vehicle as part of selected Membership Plans limited by terms and conditions and any other restraints in conjunction to the Membership Plan. Membership Plans (Standard) shall constitute the Clipped Assist Gold Plan, Clipped Assist Platinum Plan or further plans created by Clipped Assist as adjusted once in a while;

Membership Plan Schedule – means Membership Plan schedules outlining specifications of the Membership Services;

Minor Cosmetic Repair– means the repairs available under a particular Membership Program which may include the following or additional or alternative repairs as specified by Clipped Assist from time to time where each service described below relates to an individual repair:

Slight Cosmetic Repair – means repair services applicable to selected Membership Plan which shall encompass the proceeding or further or adjusted repairs as detailed by Clipped Assist once in a while: (every service detailed as follows applies to one independent repair):

Type of Repair

Repair Details

Bumper Bar Scratch or Scrape

Repair one scratch or scrape up to 500mm in length and 20mm in depth by reshaping, fine filling, flattening, base coat, colour match, respraying and blending. (Excludes non-painted textured plastic bumper bars, metal bumper bars and any damage that has caused structural).

Deep Scratch and /or Dent on metal panels

Repair a single scratch or dent with paint damage larger than 3mm and less than 60mm in diameter and 10mm in depth on a vertical painted metal panel by flattening, fine filling, base coat, colour match, respraying & blending. (Damage must be contained to one panel and excludes dents that have damaged the style line – refer Cosmetic Touch Ups for paint damage less than 3mm. Expressly excludes bonnet, roof and boot lid.)

Surface Scratches/Marks

Repair surface scratches on up to 4 panels that have not cut through the clear coat using professional cutting compounds and process.

Body Pressure dents

Repair one pressure dent up to 60mm in diameter on any flat panel where the paint has not been chipped or damaged. (Excludes dents on style lines and metal folds).

Alloy Wheels Scrapes/Scuffs

Repair scratch or scrape on one alloy wheel (or up to two hubcaps) by repairing damaged area, colour match, respraying and blending.  Machine finished wheels may lose the fine machine lines. (Excludes Chrome & High Polish finished wheels and deep gauges where in the opinion of Clipped Assist the integrity of the wheel is compromised). Optional for Clipped Assist Gold Membership Program and Clipped Assist Platinum Membership Program.


By electing to accept Clipped Assist repairs to your machine finished wheels, you acknowledge that our processes mean we are unable to replicate the machine finish and as such your wheels may lose the fine machine finish lines once repaired.

Side Mirror Scratch or Scrape

Repair paint scratches or scuffs on side mirror casing by flattening, fine filling, colour match & respraying. (Excludes chrome finished casings, lights and indicator lenses).

Body Kit Search or Scrape

Repair one Scratch or Scrape up to 500mm in length and 20cm in depth on a plastic spoiler, side skirts and bumper strip by fine filling, flattening, base coat, colour match, respraying & blending. Optional for Clipped Assist Gold Membership Program.

Cosmetic Touch Ups

Cosmetically repair up to 20 stone chips up to 3 mm in diameter by colour matching, filling and sealing each chip to prevent corrosion. Damage will still be slightly visible. (Excludes stone chips on vehicles that have 3-layer pearl paintwork).

Interior Tears

Repair one tear in leather and vinyl seats and arm rests up to 80mm in length and 5mm in width (Excludes wear and tear parted seams, damage on a seam or stitching, or damage to instrumentation panel, headliner or to steering wheel).


* Clipped Assist issues Repair Quotes for Slight Cosmetic Repair in correspondence to the then relevant rates and details in the latest updated version on the member’s site on the Clipped Assist’s web page as of the date of application.

Slight Cosmetic Repair do not encompass:

(1)          Damages beyond the parameters stated in the Repair Details below Section Four (Glossary of Terms) in the Slight Cosmetic Repairs table;

(2)          Damaged decal, paintwork, body wrap and customized sticker replacement;

(3)          Non colour coded vehicle trims and mouldings. These include chrome and metal effect and textured plastic;

Vehicle mouldings and trims without colour code, inclusive of metal, textured plastic or chrome effects;

(4)          Replacing parts or trimming;

(5)          Handling damage from hail or rust;

(6)          Damage in the structure, inclusive of but not limited to body work, mirror casings, wheels and trim;

(7)          Any workshop required work that rely on the workshop environment;

(8)          Non-original equipment manufacturer parts of the Member-designated vehicle;

(9)          Damaged illusion colour or matte paintwork upon the Member-designated vehicle;


Month – means a calendar month;

Monthly Fee – means the charge to Monthly Membership;

Monthly Membership – means a Membership Plan marked by an one month period which direct to automatic renewal for a continuous month under the limitations of the Terms and Conditions;

Member-designated vehicle – indicates the designated vehicle by the member for a Membership Plan, as outlined upon the Membership Plan Schedule;

First Stage Qualifying – means the examination of the designated vehicle by an Authorized Clipped Assist Inspector wherein the examination of the vehicle is a requirement of entrance into a particular Membership Plan;  

Privacy Policy and Agreements – means the latest update version of the privacy policy and agreement posted on Clipped Assist ‘s web page;

Repair Contract – means individual contracts created for selected Repair Services as outlined under Section Two (Repair Services) which constitutes of the terms in Section Two (Repair Services) and the respective Repair Quote;

Repair Quote- means a quotation indicative of repairs issued following guidance as outlined par Section Two (Repair Services);

Repair Fee- means the price charged to you as indicated by the Repair Contract for work in repair or quoted and completed service at your application to any vehicle;

Clipped Assist Sales System – means the pathway online for record and registration of your information as a commencing member and the information on your vehicle being the Member-designated Vehicle under a selected Membership Plan;

Clipped Assist  Scratch and Dent Assist (Standard) – the Membership Plan that is illustrated in this agreement stated below Section One (Clipped Assist  Scratch and Dent Assist (Standard) Membership Agreement) as  your Membership Plan is subject to state in your Membership Plan Schedule, Section Three (Overall Terms), and Section Four (Glossary of Terms);

Service Area – means the geographic area in which repair services to the Member-designated vehicle under which your particular Membership Plan may be completed. Unless separately approved by Clipped Assist the Service Area is limited to your postcode address within the Greater Metropolitan area of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong, Newcastle, Campbelltown, Wollongong, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Central Coast or such other area as updated to the latest version on the Clipped Assist web page;

Start Date –means the day in which the period of a Membership Plan begins;

Appropriate Mechanic Space – means private property encompassed space (such as a privately owned driveway or car park) within the Service Area that you are explicitly permitted to use for a Clipped Assist technician to perform a repair on the Member-designated vehicle. The workspace must provide a minimum of two (2) metres clearance around the Vehicle and access to electricity within twenty-five (25) metres from the Vehicle. Public roadways and underground car parks do not constitute an suitable mechanic space;

Standard Vehicle – means a light motor vehicle with a gross net vehicle mass less than 3,500 kg that is used solely for social, domestic, personal, and business purposes (e.g. for drive from your household to your local business location).  Explicitly excluding:


(a)           vehicles subject to taxis, rideshare, car rental and hire, tour services, courier work or to transport tools of a trade service; and

(b)          “Super Vehicle” including Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche (other than Porsche SUVs), Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Aston Martin, and any other vehicle categorized as such by Clipped Assist in its complete discretion, irrespective of the use of the vehicle.

Period – means the length of time commencing on the Commencement Date and ending on the Termination Date set out in the Membership Plan Schedule. “Period” also refers to every continuous length of time your Member designated vehicle’s Membership of a Membership Plan is renewed;

Waiting Period – means a term of forty-five (45) days for Clipped Assist Gold Membership Plan, and zero (0) days for Clipped Assist  Platinum Membership Plan, from the Start Date except in cases where other periods are outlined in the Membership Plan Schedule, and during which period repair service cannot be applied for from Clipped Assist.